თაიგულის შეკვეთა

A bouquet is often more than many words, many gifts.


The emotion that the recipient has when giving a bouquet is indescribable. Our flower shop has witnessed many positive, loving and positive stories.

Delivering flowers is a very responsible, difficult and at the same time pleasant moment. Our couriers are often told that this is their best job, because they become eyewitnesses of people’s happiness, pleasant, sincere emotions every day.

Ordering flowers is getting easier and easier, and our company has made a big contribution to this, because we understand the importance of e-commerce, you can buy our bouquets from the website in just 3-4 clicks.

Ordering a bouquet can often be a difficult process as knowledge and certainty in flowers are not common, but that’s exactly why we have professional florists to help you.

Depending on the season, our store has many types of flowers, such as roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, peonies, dianthus, hypericum, hydrangea and others.


Lilat is your personal florist.

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