What should a wedding bouquet look like?

საქორწილო თაიგული

The wedding bouquet is one of the important components of the elegant image of the bride. When compiling it, they take into account the shade and style of the dress, hairstyle, style of the holiday and many other nuances. Attention should be paid to the elaboration of every detail, so that the composition only improves the impression of the outfit, but does not merge with it and does not look detached. Because of this, it is impossible to say unequivocally what the bride’s bouquet should be, but if you follow the recommendations of florists, you can find the best option for yourself.


What flowers to use in the bride’s bouquet: an overview of options

There are more flowers for wedding ceremonies than it might seem at first glance. When choosing plants, be guided by your preferences and the symbolism that the flower carries.

Rose. The most popular representative of wedding floristry. Most often, brides choose bush varieties that look equally impressive both in a bouquet and as a decoration for a girl’s hairstyle or the groom’s boutonniere. Miniature buds, symbolizing love and fidelity, will stand up to the harshest conditions and keep their fresh look all day long.
Peony. A lush flower speaks of happiness, success and love, which is great for the moment of the birth of a new family. To add even more lightness to the compositions, choose unevenly opened buds. The most romantic combinations with them are obtained in tandem with flying wedding dresses.
Lily. In European floristry, it is considered the flower of innocence, making it a great option for weddings. In addition to the spectacular appearance, the flower looks fresh for a long time even in the heat. But before buying, you should make sure that the bride, groom and witnesses are not allergic to a strongly pronounced aroma.
Calla. Most often you can find buds of a white shade, although their color range is much wider. The flower carries purity and purity, and thanks to its elegant appearance, it will fit well into many styles. When choosing, you should look at the density of the petals: creases will not be afraid of softer ones.
Orchid. Delicate exotic flower has a rich color palette and will suit any look. In addition, he speaks of sensuality and purity of love, gives harmony in relationships. Also, the plant is resistant and can be without water for several hours.
The shape and size of the bouquet, decorations and their combination with the image

The parameters of the composition depend on the height and physique of the girl. Tall brides should look at elongated options, and miniature ones should look at spherical ones. Drop-shaped and variations of the “cascade” shape are considered universal. Creative girls will like such original solutions as combinations in the form of a basket, handbag, bracelet.

A satin ribbon is most often chosen as a decoration for a bouquet. The beautiful material symbolizes fidelity and trust between the newlyweds, and their life will be as smooth as the surface of the fabric.

For decor, you can also pick up pearls – beautiful symbols of the masculine and feminine principles that adorn the petals. They are also complemented with figures of angels, doves or hearts.

The bouquet is selected taking into account the idea of \u200b\u200bthe celebration and outfit. For the classic style, a round shape is relevant, which imitates a hemisphere and includes small flowers. It goes well with dresses with elegant silhouettes. For a Provence-style event or other romantic destination, delicate wildflowers, picked with a touch of carelessness, are ideal. The dress in this case is usually made of thin fabrics, decorated with lace or embroidery. Modern wedding concepts suggest betting on asymmetry, in which several varieties of plants are included.


Tips for creating the perfect bridal bouquet

If you are thinking about what kind of bouquet the bride needs for a wedding, consider the following rules:

It is advisable to choose the overall shade of the combination one or two tones darker than the wedding dress.
Refuse too heavy and uncomfortable compositions, as it will not be easy for a girl to hold them.
If you have a long photo shoot or just want to keep the freshness of plants longer, use special capsules.
Avoid strongly scented flowers as they can cause headaches or cause allergies.
Ideally, the bouquet should match the boutonniere on the groom’s suit.

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