Floristic course

ფლორისტიკის სკოლა

Who is a florist and what is floristry?

Do you love flowers, do you know how to combine shades, do you know how to communicate with people? Then you should think about the florist profession.

Who is a florist? A florist is a person who works with flowers and landscaping. She designs bouquets and flower arrangements, decorates rooms and makes ensembles from live artificial plants.

What is floristry? Floristry is one of the fields of arts and crafts and design, so a florist can be safely called a creative profession.

The duty of the florist is to collect flower arrangements of various complexity. Most often, this is a universal specialist, but he can specialize in different areas:

Decoration of events – for example, weddings and banquets need different colors, different concepts, different techniques. A florist develops a single design idea and embodies it in flowers, greenery and improvised materials.

Arrangement of bouquets – Depending on the event or holiday, the bouquet has a different meaning, so the florist must consider many factors. For example, a wedding bouquet and a bouquet for a first grader are fundamentally different compositions,

What should a florist be able to do?
The description of the profession of a florist is quite long – there is a place for both universal skills that are useful for anyone who works in the field of sales, and highly specialized skills that are characteristic only for florists. To begin with, he must have all professional skills – those that will be useful to him in the main job. For a florist, this is the ability to collect bouquets, taking into account their compatibility and shades, caring for cut and potted plants, transplanting, watering, diving and performing other work that should be done on living plants. He should know the rules of plant care, the average lifespan of each, the basics of collecting bouquets for different occasions.


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