101 Roses – “Classic”

101 ვარდი

Is it banal in today’s realities to give a bouquet of 101 roses?

I can’t give you an answer to this question because there are always a bunch of classics. Some like it, some don’t. But why still 101 roses? From the point of view of the buyer, this is an irreplaceable bundle. One that is sure to make an unforgettable impression.


Delivery of 101 bouquets in Tbilisi. Yes! Within 2 hours of placing an order, the Lilat team will make sure the recipient is amazed.


Our bouquets come with flower care instructions, a signature greeting card and an unforgettable scent.


Giving flowers is always fashionable. Red roses are in demand every year. Delivering flowers to Tbilisi has become easier than before.



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