Bouquets Delivery in Tbilisi

თაიგულის მიწოდების სერვისი

Welcome to our cozy flower shop in the heart of Tbilisi! We take pride in providing not just beautiful flowers but unforgettable moments of joy. At “Lilat,” every bouquet is a true work of art, crafted by experienced florists with love and meticulous attention to detail.

Our Range: Variety and Sophistication

Whether you’re looking for an exquisite wedding bouquet, delicate flowers for a special date, or a vibrant gift for a birthday, we have it all. Our florists carefully select fresh flowers to create bouquets that carry not just the scent of nature but also your warmth and care.

Unique Gifts for Special Moments

Beyond flowers, we offer unique gifts that will add extra charm to your gift. Our gift sets include fragrant candles, soft toys, and delightful fruit baskets – perfect complements to your floral bouquet.

Free Delivery: Convenience in Every Order

We understand how important it is for your gift to be timely and in perfect condition. That’s why we provide free delivery across Tbilisi, making the ordering process exceptionally convenient for you. Regardless of where your recipient is in Tbilisi, we guarantee fast and reliable delivery.

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At “Lilat,” every flower is not just a plant; it’s a story we help you tell. Let us adorn your world with the beauty and tenderness of flowers. Make your gift unforgettable with “Lilat”!

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