Flowers Bouquet – a universal gift?!

ყვავილების შეკვეთა

Flowers are a universal gift. No matter the occasion, flowers are always appropriate, because a bouquet is a symbol of love, a sign of respect and even sorrow.

After all, you will hardly find a bouquet that will be more popular than a bouquet of roses. After all, this is no longer just an established classic, but a combination loved by all.
Want to be more original? Give preference to peony roses. A monobouquet of peony-like roses will surely conquer the heart of every girl. Tested on our regular clients

Beautiful flower arrangements are the best idea for a gift and a wonderful present, appropriate for any event or event. Birthdays and anniversaries, weddings and anniversaries, March 8 and any other holiday and celebration will be an excellent occasion for choosing the best bouquet of flowers.

A huge variety of beautiful bouquets of living flowers. Beautiful fashionable bouquets of flowers 2023-2024 year can be packed both modestly and simply, and very unusual and original.

It can be beautiful bouquets of flowers in paper, baskets of fresh flowers, fashion bouquets in a box. Also, don’t forget about flowers for the bride – fashionable wedding bouquets, which are distinguished by their special originality and beauty.

Fashion trends in floristry 2023-2024 offer us the most beautiful and original designs of living flowers, which will certainly appeal to most lovely ladies. Very popular are beautiful fashionable flower bouquets in delicate pink flowers or a combination of white and pink flowers in one bouquet.

Compositions of living flowers, combining bright and delicate flowers in one bouquet, also look beautiful. Such color contrast looks incredibly effective and original. Peonoid roses, anemones in white-pink shades are very popular among florists.

Combinations of wildflowers with classic and familiar flowers are also popular. Fashion bouquets 2023-2024 must be slightly disheveled and careless.

Delivery of flowers to Tbilisi in our store is free. Our elegant courier will deliver the bouquet to Tbilisi with a hidden surprise and emotions that you want to convey to the addressee.

Each bouquet is accompanied by flower care instructions, a beautiful postcard, and lots of positive emotions.

You can order flowers in Tbilisi both through our website and by phone number +995599108071


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